Top 7 Best Earning Bloggers

I’ve already discussed how much bloggers earn at each stage of blogging in the 2020s, today, I want to show you not only the top 7 best earning bloggers but 13 of the top earners, in-depth.

To date, some of the best-earning bloggers are Chiara Ferragni, Pat Flynn, Timothy Sykes, Melyssa Griffin, Michael Arrington, and Vitaly Friedman.

However, today I want to focus on the following top 13 best-earning bloggers, they are:

  1. Yaro Starak: $40,000+/month
  2. Abby Lawson: $41,000+/month
  3. Darren Rowse: $40,000+/month
  4. Trevor and Jennifer Debth: $46,000+/month
  5. Ryan Robinson: $50,000+/month
  6. Amira Law: $75,000+/month
  7. Steve and Jennifer Chou: $80,000+/month
  8. Rosemarie Groner: $86,000+/month
  9. Lindsay and Bjork: $90,000+/month
  10. The Savvy Couple: $100,000+/month
  11. Jon Morrow: $100,000+/month
  12. Lauren McManus and Noah Riggs: $100,000+/month
  13. Michelle Schroeder-Gardner: $100,000+/month

The Best Earning Bloggers

Are you curious about the bloggers who are earning big bucks through their successful blogs? Look no further! In this article, we will introduce you to the top 7 highest-earning bloggers on the internet. These bloggers have cracked the code to monetizing their blogs and are reaping the rewards of their hard work and dedication.

From affiliate marketing to selling their own digital products, these bloggers have found various income streams that have propelled their earnings to remarkable heights. If you’re looking for inspiration and insights into successful blog earnings, keep reading!

In the following sections, we will delve into the strategies and income sources employed by these blogging superstars. We will explore how they have built their empires and what sets them apart from the rest of the blogging world. So, let’s dive in and discover the secrets behind the success of these highest paying bloggers!

How We Chose the Successful Blogs

In order to compile our list of the top earning bloggers, we conducted a thorough analysis of the blogging industry, considering various factors such as income levels and overall impact. Our goal was to identify the blogs that have not only achieved impressive financial success, but have also made a significant mark in the blogging community.

We began by researching bloggers who had been consistently generating high levels of income over a sustained period of time. This allowed us to filter out those who had experienced temporary spikes in earnings. We then evaluated the strategies and business models employed by these bloggers to determine their effectiveness.

Additionally, we considered the impact and influence these bloggers have had on the wider blogging community. This included analyzing their followership, engagement levels, and the extent to which they have been able to inspire and educate others through their content.

Through this meticulous process, we were able to identify the top earners who have not only achieved remarkable financial success through their blogs, but have also established themselves as industry leaders and sources of inspiration for aspiring bloggers.

BloggersMonthly IncomeMain Income Strategies
Yaro Starak$40,000+Digital products, affiliate marketing, advertising
Abby Lawson$41,000+Affiliate marketing, own products and services
Darren Rowse$40,000+Advertising, blogging course
Trevor and Jennifer Debth$46,000+Advertising, sponsored posts, video workouts
Ryan Robinson$50,000+Affiliate earnings, online course sales

How Do Most Famous Bloggers Make Money?

When it comes to making money as a blogger, the most famous and successful bloggers have mastered a variety of monetization strategies to generate substantial income. These bloggers have built their online empires by leveraging multiple income sources that align with their niche and audience. Let’s explore the primary ways in which these bloggers generate their revenue:

  • Affiliate Marketing: Famous bloggers often earn a significant portion of their income through affiliate marketing. They promote products or services and earn a commission for every sale or referral they make through their unique affiliate links.
  • Ad Networks: Displaying advertisements on their blogs is another common source of income for famous bloggers. They partner with ad networks that provide relevant ads, and they earn money based on the number of impressions or clicks the ads receive.
  • Sponsored Posts: Many famous bloggers collaborate with brands and companies to create sponsored content. They receive compensation for featuring products, services, or brand mentions within their blog posts.
  • Selling Informational Products: Some bloggers create and sell their own informational products, such as ebooks, online courses, or membership sites. These products capitalize on their expertise and provide valuable knowledge to their audience.

By diversifying their income sources, these famous bloggers are able to maximize their earnings and create sustainable businesses. Let’s take a closer look at how some of the top earners in the blogging industry utilize these strategies to generate impressive monthly incomes.

Monetization Strategies of Famous Bloggers

BloggerMain Income Sources
Yaro StarakDigital product sales, affiliate marketing, advertising
Abby LawsonAffiliate marketing, own product sales
Darren RowseAdvertising, blogging course sales
Trevor and Jennifer DebthAdvertising, sponsored posts, video workout programs
Ryan RobinsonAffiliate earnings, online course sales
Amira LawLegal template sales, affiliate products

As demonstrated in the table above, famous bloggers employ a variety of income sources to achieve their impressive monthly earnings. While each blogger may have a primary source of income, they often supplement it with other monetization strategies to create a robust and sustainable income stream.

Yaro Starak: $40,000+/month

Yaro Starak is one of the top-earning bloggers, raking in over $40,000 per month through various income sources. His success can be attributed to his strategic approach to monetization, with a particular focus on digital products.

One of Yaro’s main sources of income is selling his own digital products. He has created a range of courses and e-books targeting aspiring bloggers and entrepreneurs. These products provide valuable information and insights, making them highly sought after in the online business community.

In addition to his digital products, Yaro also earns a significant income through affiliate marketing. He carefully selects products and services that align with his audience’s interests, allowing him to earn commissions from successful referrals.

Lastly, Yaro generates income through advertising on his blog. With a large and engaged audience, he is able to attract advertisers who are willing to pay for exposure to his readers. This additional revenue stream adds to his already impressive monthly earnings.

Yaro Starak’s Income Sources

Income SourceMonthly Earnings
Digital Products$25,000
Affiliate Marketing$10,000

Abby Lawson: $41,000+/month

Abby Lawson is a successful blogger who consistently earns an impressive monthly income of over $41,000. She has achieved this level of success through a combination of affiliate marketing and selling her own products.

Affiliate marketing plays a significant role in Abby’s income strategy. By promoting products and services that align with her blog’s niche and audience, she receives a commission for every sale made through her unique affiliate links. Abby has established herself as a trusted expert in her niche, allowing her to recommend products with confidence to her loyal readers.

In addition to affiliate marketing, Abby has created her own line of products. These products include e-books, online courses, and printables that cater to her audience’s needs and interests. By leveraging her expertise, Abby has been able to monetize her knowledge and provide valuable resources to her readers.

Breakdown of Abby Lawson’s Income Sources

Income SourcePercentage of Total Income
Affiliate Marketing60%
Selling Own Products40%

Abby’s success can be attributed to her ability to effectively balance affiliate marketing and selling her own products. This diversified income approach provides her with stability and allows her to maximize her earning potential. Through strategic partnerships, targeted marketing, and quality content creation, Abby Lawson has established herself as one of the top earners in the blogging industry.

Darren Rowse: $40,000+/month

Darren Rowse is one of the top earning bloggers, bringing in over $40,000 per month through his successful blog. His income primarily comes from advertising revenue and the sale of his popular blogging course, which has helped countless aspiring bloggers achieve success in the industry.

Advertising is a major source of income for Darren Rowse. His blog attracts a large audience, allowing him to partner with various brands and display advertisements on his site. These advertisements generate significant revenue due to the high volume of traffic and engagement on his blog.

In addition to advertising, Darren Rowse has also found success by creating and selling his blogging course. This course provides valuable insights, tips, and strategies for individuals looking to start and grow their own successful blog. The course has garnered a loyal following and is highly regarded in the blogging community, contributing significantly to Darren Rowse’s monthly income.

Darren Rowse’s Monthly Income Breakdown

Income SourceAmount
Blogging Course$10,000

Trevor and Jennifer Debth: $46,000+/month

Trevor and Jennifer Debth, the power couple behind a popular health and fitness blog, have managed to turn their passion for fitness into a lucrative online business. With their combined expertise in personal training and nutrition, they have created a brand that inspires and motivates individuals to live a healthy lifestyle.

One of the primary sources of income for Trevor and Jennifer Debth is advertising. They have strategically partnered with relevant brands in the health and fitness industry to promote their products and services on their blog, reaching a wide audience. This advertising revenue contributes significantly to their monthly earnings, allowing them to continue providing valuable content to their readers.

In addition to advertising, Trevor and Jennifer Debth have also capitalized on their expertise by creating their own video workout programs. These programs offer a comprehensive range of workouts and training plans designed to help individuals achieve their fitness goals. By selling these video workout programs, Trevor and Jennifer Debth have created an additional stream of income that contributes to their overall monthly earnings.

Overall, Trevor and Jennifer Debth have successfully monetized their passion for fitness through advertising, sponsored posts, and their own video workout programs. Their dedication to providing valuable content and their ability to leverage their expertise have allowed them to build a thriving online business, earning them an impressive income of over $46,000 per month.

Income SourcesEarnings
Video Workout Programs$16,000
Sponsored Posts$5,000

Ryan Robinson: $50,000+/month

Ryan Robinson is one of the top-earning bloggers, bringing in over $50,000 per month through various income streams. His primary sources of revenue come from affiliate earnings and online course sales.

As an expert in his field, Ryan has built a reputation for creating valuable content and recommending products that he genuinely believes in. Through affiliate marketing, he promotes products and earns a commission for every successful referral. This strategy has proven to be highly effective in generating a significant portion of his monthly income.

In addition to affiliate earnings, Ryan also generates substantial revenue from his online courses. Leveraging his expertise, he offers courses that provide actionable insights and guidance to aspiring bloggers and entrepreneurs. The popularity of these courses contributes significantly to his monthly income.

Amira Law: $75,000+/month

Amira Law is a highly successful blogger who has managed to generate an impressive monthly income of over $75,000. Her success can be attributed to her unique approach of selling legal templates for bloggers and recommending affiliate products related to online business.

One of the main sources of Amira Law’s income is her collection of legal templates. These templates are designed specifically for bloggers and online entrepreneurs, providing them with the legal protection and documentation they need to run their businesses smoothly. Whether it’s a privacy policy, terms of use, or a disclaimer, Amira Law offers a wide range of legal templates that cater to the specific needs of the blogging community.

In addition to selling legal templates, Amira Law also earns income through affiliate marketing. She carefully selects and recommends products and services that align with her audience’s interests and needs. By leveraging her expertise in the blogging and online business field, Amira Law is able to provide valuable recommendations to her audience while earning commissions from affiliate sales.

Income Breakdown for Amira Law

Income SourceMonthly Earnings
Legal Template Sales$50,000
Affiliate Product Recommendations$25,000

In summary, Amira Law’s success as a blogger and online entrepreneur is driven by her focus on providing legal templates for bloggers and strategic affiliate product recommendations. By leveraging her expertise and catering to the specific needs of her audience, Amira Law has managed to build a highly profitable online business.

Steve and Jennifer Chou: $80,000+/month

Steve and Jennifer Chou are successful bloggers who have managed to generate an impressive monthly income of over $80,000. They have achieved this through a combination of selling their own digital product and leveraging advertising on their blog. Let’s take a closer look at their strategies for success.

Creating and Selling Their Own Digital Product

One of the key factors contributing to Steve and Jennifer Chou’s high income is their own digital product. They have developed a comprehensive online course that teaches aspiring entrepreneurs how to start and grow their own successful online business. By offering valuable content and actionable advice, they have been able to attract a large audience and generate substantial revenue from course sales.

Leveraging Advertising Opportunities

In addition to their digital product, Steve and Jennifer Chou have also capitalized on advertising opportunities to further monetize their blog. They work with various brands and advertisers to display targeted ads on their website, earning revenue based on clicks and impressions. By carefully selecting advertising partners that align with their audience’s interests, they are able to provide relevant content while maximizing their earnings.

Income SourceMonthly Earnings
Own Digital Product Sales$50,000
Advertising Revenue$30,000

This table provides a breakdown of Steve and Jennifer Chou’s monthly earnings. As seen in the table, the majority of their income comes from selling their own digital product, generating $50,000 per month. Advertising revenue contributes an additional $30,000 to their overall income.

In conclusion, Steve and Jennifer Chou have successfully monetized their blog through a combination of selling their own digital product and leveraging advertising opportunities. Their dedication to providing valuable content and building a strong online presence has resulted in an impressive monthly income of over $80,000.

Rosemarie Groner: $86,000+/month

Rosemarie Groner is a highly successful blogger who has managed to create a substantial income through her blogging efforts. With a monthly income of over $86,000, she has become one of the top earners in the blogging industry. Groner’s success can be attributed to her effective monetization strategies, including sponsored posts, which play a significant role in her blogging income.

To maximize her blogging income, Groner collaborates with brands and companies who pay her to promote their products and services on her blog. Sponsored posts allow her to not only generate revenue but also provide valuable content to her readers. By sharing her personal experiences and recommendations, Groner builds trust with her audience and increases engagement on her blog.

In addition to sponsored posts, Groner utilizes other income sources such as affiliate marketing and selling informational products. These strategies further contribute to her impressive monthly earnings. Through affiliate marketing, Groner earns a commission by promoting products or services and driving sales through her unique affiliate links. Selling informational products, on the other hand, allows her to leverage her expertise and provide valuable resources to her audience while generating passive income.

Income SourcesMonthly Earnings
Sponsored Posts$86,000+
Affiliate Marketing
Informational Products

Lindsay and Bjork: $90,000+/month

Lindsay and Bjork are a power couple in the blogging world, earning an impressive monthly income of over $90,000. Their success can be attributed to a diverse range of income sources, including advertising networks, sponsored posts, and their own products.

Advertising is a key component of Lindsay and Bjork’s income strategy. By partnering with reputable advertising networks, they are able to monetize their blog through display ads, sponsored content, and affiliate marketing. This allows them to earn passive income as their blog attracts a large and engaged audience.

In addition to advertising, Lindsay and Bjork also leverage sponsored posts. They collaborate with brands and businesses that align with their blog’s niche, creating sponsored content that provides value to their audience while generating income.

Income Sources for Lindsay and Bjork:

  • Advertising networks
  • Sponsored posts
  • Own products

Furthermore, Lindsay and Bjork have created their own line of products, ranging from cookbooks to online courses. These products not only generate direct income but also establish them as authorities in their niche.

By utilizing multiple income sources and consistently producing high-quality content, Lindsay and Bjork have achieved remarkable success in the blogging world, showcasing the potential for lucrative earnings in this industry.

Income SourceEarnings (per month)
Advertising networks$45,000
Sponsored posts$30,000
Own products$15,000

The Savvy Couple: $100,000+/month

The Savvy Couple is a renowned blogging duo that has achieved impressive success in generating an income of over $100,000 per month. They have managed to create multiple income streams, with a significant focus on affiliate marketing. Through their innovative strategies and dedication, they have established themselves as key players in the blogging industry.

Affiliate Marketing

One of the primary sources of income for The Savvy Couple is affiliate marketing. They have carefully chosen high-converting affiliate products and services that align with their audience’s interests and needs. By promoting these products through their blog, email newsletters, and social media channels, they earn a percentage of each sale made through their unique affiliate links. This proves to be a highly lucrative income stream, contributing significantly to their monthly earnings.

Diversified Income Streams

Aside from affiliate marketing, The Savvy Couple has also diversified their income streams by offering their own products and services. They have created digital products, such as online courses or e-books, that provide valuable information and solutions to their audience. By leveraging their expertise, they are able to generate income directly from their audience, without relying solely on affiliate marketing.

Income StreamMonthly Earnings
Affiliate Marketing$70,000
Own Products and Services$30,000

As seen in the table above, affiliate marketing contributes to the majority of their monthly earnings, amounting to $70,000. However, their own products and services generate an additional $30,000, showcasing the importance of diversifying income streams. This approach helps The Savvy Couple to maintain a stable and substantial income, even if there are fluctuations in affiliate marketing earnings.

The success story of The Savvy Couple serves as an inspiration to aspiring bloggers and entrepreneurs. Through their commitment, strategic planning, and diversification of income streams, they have achieved remarkable financial success in the blogging industry. By incorporating these principles into their own blogging journey, others can follow in their footsteps and work towards building a profitable online business.

Jon Morrow: $100,000+/month

Jon Morrow is a highly successful blogger who has achieved great success in the industry. With a monthly income of over $100,000, he has proven that blogging can be a lucrative career choice. But what sets Jon Morrow apart and contributes to his blogging success?

One of the key factors behind Jon Morrow’s success is his expertise in creating and selling information products. He offers valuable courses and resources that help aspiring bloggers improve their skills and achieve their goals. By providing high-quality content and actionable advice, Jon Morrow has built a loyal following and has become a trusted authority in the blogging community.

Additionally, Jon Morrow’s strong focus on monetization strategies has played a significant role in his income generation. He leverages various sources of income, including affiliate marketing, sponsored content, and digital product sales. This diversified approach allows him to maximize his earnings while offering valuable content to his audience.

Jon Morrow’s success story serves as inspiration for aspiring bloggers. His ability to monetize his expertise and provide value to his audience has propelled him to great heights in the blogging industry. By following his example and focusing on creating quality content and effective monetization strategies, bloggers can increase their chances of achieving similar success.

Lauren McManus and Noah Riggs: $100,000+/month

Lauren McManus and Noah Riggs are a dynamic duo in the blogging industry, earning an impressive monthly income of over $100,000. Their success can be attributed to their expertise in creating and selling online courses, as well as their ability to generate income through various blogging strategies.

One of the main sources of income for Lauren and Noah is the creation and sale of online courses. They have developed a reputation for providing valuable content and in-depth training in their respective niches. By offering courses that cater to the needs of their target audience, they have established themselves as experts and have been able to generate significant revenue from course sales.

In addition to their online courses, Lauren and Noah also monetize their blog through affiliate marketing, sponsored content, and digital product sales. These income streams allow them to diversify their earnings and maximize their profitability. By carefully selecting affiliate products and collaborating with brands that align with their audience, they are able to generate passive income and increase their overall revenue.

Lauren McManus and Noah Riggs have proven themselves as successful bloggers and entrepreneurs in the digital space. Through their expertise in creating and selling online courses, as well as their strategic approach to monetizing their blog, they have achieved a remarkable monthly income of over $100,000.

Income Breakdown of Lauren McManus and Noah Riggs

Income SourceMonthly Earnings
Online Course Sales$60,000
Affiliate Marketing$20,000
Sponsored Content$10,000
Digital Product Sales$10,000

Michelle Schroeder-Gardner: $100,000+/month

Michelle Schroeder-Gardner is a highly successful blogger who has achieved an impressive monthly income of over $100,000 through her blogging efforts. She has become a prominent figure in the blogging industry and is known for her expertise in generating income through sponsored content and affiliate marketing.

Through her blog, Michelle shares valuable insights and strategies on how to make money through blogging, providing aspiring bloggers with a wealth of knowledge to help them achieve financial success. She has built a strong following and has collaborated with numerous brands to create sponsored content that aligns with her audience’s interests and needs.

Alongside sponsored content, Michelle also generates income through affiliate marketing. By recommending products and services that she genuinely believes in, she earns a commission for each referral that converts into a sale. This approach has allowed her to build trust with her audience and create a sustainable income stream.

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