How Often to Email Your List?

Email Frequency for Subscribers

For many digital product creators, ConvertKit has been a true game changer. It helps with selling eBooks and digital products smoother. We’ve actually made more from our digital products than ads and affiliate marketing combined. This shows how valuable a strong email list can be for earning passively. Figuring out the ideal email frequency for … Read more

What Content Attracts Email Subscribers?

Content for Email Subscribers

Social media platforms can go down, and this can cause panic for creators. They lose their way to connect with their followers. That’s why having an email list is crucial. It’s a direct way to communicate that isn’t affected by platform issues. Research shows email subscribers are more valuable than social media followers. But, getting … Read more



Blogging Curious about blogging? Ever wonder what a blog is and how it operates? Looking to kick off your online journey? You’re in the right place. This article digs into the world of blogging. We’ll cover its types and evolution. Do you love a certain topic? Want to be seen as an expert or share … Read more